Nineveh province branch**


Mosul Branch

Bank of Agricultural Mosul branch was founded in 1961 in the Dousa street and then it moved to the Almatar road in the Altieran area and then next to city hall building and then to the Prophet Younis’ area. It was specialized to grant loans to farmers in agriculture and related activities. the branch is located in the in a busy street versus the shrine of the Prophet Yunus, a relatively far from the center of the commercial market .The branch provides all the comprehensive banking services in addition to its core business in the provision of services to its customers from the peasants and farmers through agricultural loans

Tal Afar Branch

Tal Afar branch is located in the center of Tal Afar Nineveh province / locality Sinjar. The branch began its work in its current location in 12/11/1978. Section provides comprehensive banking services to the general public and provides loans and agricultural facilities to the farmers within the geographical area of the districts and sub-districts of Tal-afar. The branch provides ongoing services, savings, money orders, bills and credit with his activity in the agricultural lending funds.

Sinjar Branch

Branch was established in 12.01.2008. The branch is located in the province of Nineveh, Sinjar city near the elementary school Amieha. The branch provides services to the city of Sinjar, Baaj and villages around them. Sinjar branch deals with Division of Sinjar cultivation, cultivation of the North Division and cultivation Baaj Division. The branch provides all kind of services such as processing credit and credit granting agricultural loans for all types of agriculture businesses. The population of Sinjar is 220 thousand, including forty thousand peasant and the number of residents of Baaj is 210 thousand, including five and forty thousand peasant.

Branch of Al-Sanabel

Al-Sanabel branch was established in 05.09.1999 and was called then fish branch, and began its operations in the provision of agricultural and commercial loans and all computational work up to 2003, where it was subjected to looting in the events of the war. Then, it resumed its activity through Mosul branch and then after work with Al-Sanabel newly established branch and independently and then it merged with fish branch in 2004. It is located in the district of Mosul right center. The right center of Mosul includes the largest geographical area in the province, Mahlbeh, Humidat Tel Abta, Al-hader, Hamam Al-allyl, Shora, Qayyarah, and parts of Makhmour and Rabia areas.

Hamdania Office

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Rabia Office

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