The supervision and auditing department

The oversight functions of the audit and internal control departments, branches and offices of the bank to ensure the safety of operations, the accounts and commitment to the implementation of laws and decrees and instructions issued to regulate the conduct of work in addition to the scrutiny of the exchange of payments in the branches before and after the exchange and the administrative inspection and the preparation of special reports and so follow up the implementation of banking regulations, and reports of inspection Committees in the bank and external oversight and follow-up application of accounts and liquidation of branches The stopped accounts or mutual domestic and foreign banks with branches, and follow up the implementation of the Bank's annual and a Investigate matters of the annual plans ,

The Section comprises the following divisions and units

  • Oversight credit calculations Division
  • Division for calculating auditing
  • Division of control of the northern region of the
  • Division of the follow-up
  • Oversight Division of the Central region
  • Division for investigations
  • Oversight Division of the southern region
  • investigation and audit of computer printouts
  • the money laundering unit

The achievements of the Section and its role in the reform of the banking business-

The bank every year, draw up a plan of action for the field visits to our branches, and the types of visits as follows: -

Annual visits

Periodic visits funds inventory

audit of branches of the rate of two or more visit where the regulatory commissions of the field visits for each branch of our to follow up our work and to address errors caused by work, as well as to follow up on reports from foreign regulatory bodies and procedures for the liquidation of our branches, in addition to internal oversight committees visits to other branches as the need arises or when problems require real-time solution" In addition, the department is scrutinizing documentary of all banking operations, which are to the section every day, "and monitor the implementation of the operations of the General Auditor, senior management, as well as consideration of all complaints received by the bank (general management and branches ") and a preliminary investigation where.