Branches and offices of the central region**

Baghdad Province

Main Office
Welcome to the Agricultural Bank / Main office:
The main branch is located within the General Administration of Agricultural Bank building, located in the Al-Rashid street in front of central communications branch. The main office has been open for business in 06.30.1996 after turning the Agricultural Bank of specialized banking to the overall banking.
Branch of Agricultural Equipment
Waziriya Industrial Area / Business Center / behind the Judicial Institute m / 305 g / 3 / was founded in 2003 and offers the general banking services to farmers and workers in the agricultural sector / symbolic figure 7762
Tarmiya Branch
On 12/9/2001 the branch was opened in the district of Tarmiyah to impose for the purpose of the exercise of all acts of banking and the granting of agricultural loans and commercial facilities and the scope of work of the section includes Tarmiyah and Taji viewing. The relocation of the work of the Branch to Baghdad branch building in Utaifiyya region because of the security concerns.
Al-Falah Branch
Branch opened in 12/15/2008, in an active geographical area stretching from (Jamela Alwa) commercial and Sadr City in eastern Baghdad. The branch practice commercial activities on credit and the granting of advances to state employees and banking facilities of all kinds with purchases of money orders with bank branches, and the creation of Bills for different purposes and do all the internal banking operations. Welcome to our branch. We will always be at your service.
Al-Najah Branch
In 04.20.2000 the branch was open in Alwa Rasheed located in the Dora district - Abu Dsher. The aim of the open section is revitalizing the agricultural and commercial work for the farmers and to the office holders by giving them all kinds of agricultural loans and banking facilities granted. The branch active within the geographical area stretching from YUSUFIYA Palace East and in terms of good and Arab Jabour and Swaib, in addition to the four police districts and police fifth Baya and Sedea session and Mangers. Welcome you will find us always in your service.
Baghdad Branch - Utaifiyya
Baghdad branch opened in 1990 within the geographical area of the district Utaifiyya second, an area almost semi-commercial, and since section provides various banking services (open checking and saving accounts, s accepting fixed deposits or organizing bills and various circles the state and the private sector,in addition to granting agricultural loans and trade facilitation). the branch is active in the geographical area extended in the areas of Abu Ghraib, Taji, Al Rashidiya, Ctesiphon. Welcome to our branch, you will find us always at your service.