Administrative department

The department is the administrative personnel of the general management and the branches in all governorates on the basis of laws and resolutions and rules of service and professional staff in the preparation of the necessary sections of the bank with the organization of the follow-up bonuses due, and the direct supervision of the stores in the organization (the delivery and receipt) is required with follow-up of the bank printed and signed the daily mail and referred to correspondence for the purpose of issuing and holding all of the cases, the distribution and conservation, and contained by, and follow-up mail with the Ministry and other departments.

As well as the direct supervision of the Division of relations and provide the best services through the Division and overseeing the movement of the wheels and the organization of the delivery of the staff back and forth to their residence, so this section is the main nerve in the organization of work in the public and sections of the number of staff in this section (53) employee The
department consists the following divisions:-

  • Division of Personnel
  • Division of Administration
  • Messaging Division
  • Relations Division
  • Division of warehouse
  • Division accurate