Cash account

Opining the accounts

1rst. Opining the accounts
The current account defined as line that would restrict people to calculate the payments through the mutual and overlapping debt arising from the operations carried out, including the delivery of money, funds or securities are ownership and other, and assisted to settle the debt for each of the final settlement of the unit which produces account balance at the close of this definition we can see that the current account is a contract between two parties one is the client and the other is the current account has the best features for the other accounts that are : --
  1. The exchanging, and the exchange and overlapping that means that the current account balance is sometimes a creditor, "and sometimes a depter" that may not be agreed that the balance of one credit, "constantly.
  2. 2nd feature overlap or interference of any payments that the payments from the account and the parties to it should be overlapped and intertwined any account holder may be placed in a single day more than once and withdraw more than once the limits of his creditor plus the limits of his "to the amount of the facilities allocated to it in the account that the overdraft had the facilities for example, May not conform to the current account to a party to be one of the right to file during the first week of the month and cannot draw and then begins to bite in the second week without a deposit and so on, then do not consider this calculation is in progress.

"Opening the current account: the staff of current accounts and those responsible in the Division for the specific deployment of the banking awareness among the public resort to banks and opening of current accounts and deposit their money and the subsequent use of checks in the day-to-day instead of carrying the money and circulation conditions
The current account opening procedures:
conditions for the grant of the current account: -
open the current account for the two types of people (real persons and corporations) the real person: is the person who must be an Iraqi, "a resident" in Iraq, his age no less than that iots 18years old and there was no legal objection with the personality prevents him from opening an account as it should be known "by the bank or ID and a certified by a known person to have a current account in the bank itself to open a current account in person or a legal agent in the case the agency fundamentalist certified by a notary, entitled the explicitly the right to open a current account is provided on the form the core of the way of opening the account after filling the applications forms where the information for the full and sustained, which starts with the customer on behalf of the Quartet and the title and other fields as well as full details such as nationality, occupation, address, age, and the amount of deposit to be signed by the customer premises for the subsequent signing of a model to be identified to the customer decided to duck the accepted definition of the archives sustained with the After the form is transmitted to the branch manager to gain approval after the signing of the Chief of the Division to check for the accuracy of the information contained the devoted to the current account number, found to form in the record of the signature model is then sent to be completed after the computer system to leave the current account and issue also go "in the computer to be able to draw on to deliver the checkbook to the customer under the signature in the record books of the delivery of checks to customers in support of it acknowledges the Checkbook.
The moral person: this person has to supported by documents from a competent governmental authority, whether private or mixed, or the socialist system and the required procedure and ratified at the founding of the moral person.
Deposit process: after opening the current account were to be deposited in the deposit amount to be calculated after opining the account as a cash or deposit or the deposit of an check or deposited document settlement on the same day that which the current account opening.
The process of withdrawal : The withdrawal of the current account in two ways:
the withdrawal by check
withdrawal by the settlement document
The check: is the structured according to the editor of the form in which the text of the law and order which the people, "people called the drawer," another called drawee (the bank) that the payment of the amount of "certain" money to a third person or carrier (the beneficiary), and always be "outstanding performance of the available.