How Get the Loan

1-To get the loan the farmers should contact any branch of Agricultural bank and provide any paper prove his estate with agricultural land and determine the type of project to be set up or rehabilitation it.
2 - after making sure that the farmer is qualified to get the loan he should have and fill application forms with associated of the employee of the Division of Agriculture that ..there lists of data are signing by applicant on the form and then transmitted all information about the applicant, the amount , and the purpose of the project and then this forms submit to a treatment of branches of the Agricultural Bank, according to geographical area.
3- a date for the disclosure of the project by the technical committee in the Department of Agriculture in coordination with the Agricultural Bank, where the project specifying the need for applicant for loan liquidity.
4 - in the case of the required documentation of the loan guarantee real security is disclosure by representatives of the real estate registration in the region with representatives of the bank to estimate the total value of the property ..
If documented loan personal guarantee to ensure there is no need to make any disclosure.
5- Determined by the Committee in the section of borrowing the amount to be granted to the borrower and as desired, depending on the type of guarantee.
6 - after the completion of the transaction shall be referred to the Agricultural Bank to get approval by according to the authority of the Director of the Agricultural Bank in an amount not exceeding than (25) million and whatever it more will get approval of the lending committee that formed in the director board of the Fund for loans of farmers, and whatever exceed more than (50) million dinars approved and decided by the director Board of the funds for farmers.