Another services

Contributions and investment bank in the agricultural cooperative corporations and banks
1. Iraqi company for agricultural products.
2. National Company for the manufacture of meat.
3. Iraqi company for the production and marketing of meat.
4. Iraqi company for trade and manufacture dates.
5. Seed production company.
6. Al Kindi Company for the production of vaccines.
7. Iraqi company for the production and marketing of fish.
8. Alattiyafia Co., Ltd. for the production of forage.
9. Generations of the company for agricultural investment.
10. Long-term financial investments of private / corporate / Company for Food Industries Ninawa 11. Mosul Bank for Development and Investment.
12. Dar El- Salaam's insuranc Co.
13. Iraqi company for banking services.
14. The bank's investment bank Alavrosty.
15. Short-term financial investments / finance / Deposit