The assistance of the General - manager and his duties

The assistance of the chairman to implement the functions of the Bank in accordance with the powers conferred on him by the chairman.

replace the Director-General in his absence and has all the powers

Observer of the obedience

The duties:

  1. The audit of the policies, procedures and decisions of senior management on the activity of the bank and determine the extent of conformity with the laws and regulations relevant and to make observations on the
  2. Propose policies and procedures for the banking operations of new or updated policies and procedures prior to the new banking operations, and acting "on the requirements of the banking activity and the development of its relations and the approval by the Board of Directors of Bank of the
  3. review of the procedures which the various sections and divisions in the bank and to ensure consistency with the relevant laws and regulations, and evaluation of the adequacy of internal procedures and guidance, and follow-up deviations and proposals to address and improve
  4. Periodic reports to senior management should preferably be on a monthly deviations found containing proposals and actions necessary to correct in order to avoid repetition in the future and keep a copy of it
  5. Propose training courses on policies and procedures in place that must be followed and to emphasize the necessity of commitment by the staff in general and in particular the new.
  6. To identify all laws, regulations and instructions relating to the banking activity is necessary to include the requirements that have been apparent direct relationship to banking and banking operations.
  7. Prepare a list of products and banking services and areas of work and this will help in the identification of all areas of work that have not previously covered, "and to consult the heads of all the different sectors of work in the bank.
  8. Regulate banking activities (products and services) to the corresponding legal requirements and regulations concerning them can be done by first determining the applicable law "and thus the development of business and banking services that fall under this law.
  9. Distribution of information relating to compliance to those responsible for the application, which helps to review the formulas and procedures where there are requirements for change and to determine procedures for new products and help resolve problems and follow-up corrective action

Secretary of the Governing Council Director-General Secretary of the settlement of payments of the Engineering unit:-

The duties:

1. Preparation and submission of designs architecture, construction and health, electrical and mechanical.

2. Preparation and submission of engineering specifications and schedules of quantities for the creation, development and restoration of data and the branches and offices of the Agricultural Bank.

3. Maintenance and follow-up to the heavily fortified doors manufactured in accordance with "international standards.

4. Opening and analysis of tenders submitted by the executing companies to implement the substantive work and construction required by the Bank and the participation of the recommendation and referral.

5. Follow-up the engineering work and Situational examination "through periodic disclosures in the bank's branches and offices in all governorates, overseeing the work of the executing companies and sub-committees.

6. Preparation and the expense of the stages of the work and the settlement of the amounts of the companies implemented.

7. Receipt of work performed by the companies and the implementation committees direct the receipt of an initial and final.

8. Participate in the permanent committees and competent in public administration in accordance with the guidance.