The Lending

The Lending:-
Bank provides lending services in: -
1rst:_ banking facilities and loans and advances

Bank granted banking facilities for all commercial purposes and / overdraft accounts of the debtor and able to repay only with an interest rate discount (14%).

The granting of agricultural loans, interest rate (8%) for all purposes flora and fauna in addition to the interest rate commercial loans (14%) of the short-term loans, (15%) of the medium-term loans and (16%) of the long-term loans.

II ": - the general conditions of the loan:
1. All Iraqi people are engaged in agriculture, or circulation, or purports to want to establish a project for the development of livestock or fish, or to expand and develop existing projects.
2. he has to be completed eighteen years of age.
3. submission of the document supported by the legal relationship with the land to be cultivated or leave the project if it was for livestock.
4. Provide information on of the borrower (Iraqi Nationality Certificate - ration card - ID card to support the housing).
5. Guarantee the provision of suitable real estate in kind to cover the loan needed to ensure or to provide a personal guarantor of the staff.
6. Provide a written commitment of execution the loan given .
III: "- loan specialist agricultural funds (a)
A. purposes
1. Spending in agricultural work for all field crops of winter and summer (and the establishment of the service, maintain and develop the orchards and canals, clearing the Runnels and water wheels .
2. purchase of machinery, agricultural machinery ,agricultural pumps, sprinkler system, drip irrigation, digging artesian wells surface, and pump tools .
3. Activate all projects, such as livestock pales, fattening calves and sheep, fish ponds, refrigerated and frozen storage, the expansion of Bees Apiaries projects, the establishment of poultry breeding (chicken meat, egg whites and mothers Hatching).
(B) - the organization of approval steps
1. The farmer review the nearest branch of the Agricultural and provide corroboration of agricultural land and its relationship to determine the type of project to be operational.
2. After ascertaining the availability of the terms of lending, of the borrower granted the loan application form is dictated by the loan applicant or employee in the Division of Agriculture lists where all the data of its own with the amount required and the purpose of proving the signing of loan applicant on the form and then transmitted to a treatment of agricultural and bank branches as geographical area
3. Date has been set for the disclosure on agricultural land or project by the technical committee in the Department of Agriculture in coordination with the Agricultural Bank, where the Commission to work on a project which identifies the need for the borrower liquidity .
4. Documented in the case of a real estate loan to be guaranteed by the guarantee is disclosed by the representatives of the real estate registration in the region with representatives of the bank to estimate the total value of the property, but if the loan is documented to ensure the personal solidarity there is no need for any detection.
5. Determined by the Committee in the section of borrowing the amount to be granted to the farmer, as desired, and depending on the type of security.
6. After the completion of the transaction shall be referred to the Department of the Agricultural Bank for the purpose of approval by each of the powers conferred upon the Director-General of the Agricultural Bank for the amount of not more than (25) million and more than would be the prerogative of the Commission on lending problem in the Board of Directors of the Fund loans of farmers and reduce (50) million and it has been decided by the Board of Directors of the Fund loans for farmers.