Fixed deposits

also "fill out an application form to open the account with the information requested by the name of the customer and the check number and address of the depository and the amount of his deposit to be consistent with the stated due date, such as the depository for a period of months or one year or two years and also mentioned" the amount of interest and encouragement "to attract customers to deposit funds with the deposit the Bank has also been "an increase of interest rates on fixed deposit and now become as follows," (9%) for a period of six months (10%) for a period of years, (11 %) For two years and all sectors, whether private or mixed, or open also mentioned "the due date because the due date of the depository is designated depositary of the exchange if they spent one day before the maturity to benefit will vanish, However, if the client attended the branch after the date of maturity is also the duration of the month "disposal of the deposit interest calculated up to the date of maturity and not on the months, that the bank give the client a check mentioned the date of due accrual of any benefit that is the depository of the date of maturity no more no less, may the customer ask to renew automatically depository "as the depository and is opening the automatic renewal for another year after the date of maturity just for one time and then only to be to submit another request to that depository or paid with interest as new depository and the calculation of interest on the days of the deposit is not months of the bank where the check given to the customer the date of deposit indicated the establishment of the depository and the date of maturity and interest owed to them by number and the amount recalled, "and writing" in the depository and also stating "the name of the client and the last name.