Fund lending for livestock

Is the financing of all projects for livestock, fisheries, aquaculture and the development or expansion of existing projects - which includes the establishment of poultry farms and the restoration and rehabilitation of existing ones also the purchase of chicken breeding machines and accessories – the establishing of fattening calves – Shami goats - breeding buffalo - the establishment of laboratories feed - fish ponds - cooling room.
Installment shall be as follows: -
1 - The amount of the loan rate (100%) of the cost to establish or the cost of the project of restoration and rehabilitation, as prevailing market prices on the loan and divide as six annual installments the first installment due after two years from the date of first installment and added to the amount of the loan ratio (2 %) as service fee.
2 – lending for livestock projects and fish pools, is tow annual installment except the mothers hatching eggs, dairy cattle and breeding sheep recovered as four equal annual installments.