Bought Able Draft

the internal is that one person or any customer in any province, went to another for the purchase of certain goods provide check to the sellerf to drawn by from the branch in that province for the client's commission as a limited banking operations after a telephone conversation between the Director of the Bank Bought the draft and the bank may transfer the booking and transfer of those valuable conversation confidential numbers, variables and the customer to sign the transfer form, buy the information filled in by the code official shall transfers to meet The cash from the commission, "or the current account and the transfer amount is paid and then transfer to the bank Bought," he said to send the transfer to the bank may transfer under the transfer form to send (7 copies ), after filling the required information And in the amount of the withdrawal of internal remittances"and remain suspended" for a very transfer to section drawn by the draft, which in turn transfer the payment to the bank Bought it under the notice sent to the creditor bank to transfer Bought When notification is received by the creditor to the bank Bought by the payment of the transfer suspended the transfer in its register of internal remittances draft thus ending the process of internal transfer note "that the transfer is the kind of credit to facilitate purchases and sales between customers in other provinces of the buy the drawn on other bank in the other govern orates to meet Commission, therefore, that the customer is a good reputation and has a current account with the bank and dealing well with the section in order to facilitate this process.

Internal sold draft :-
when the person wants to avoid the line up the money topics to keep the other in order to protect the money from the loss or damage or loss, theft or burning goes to the bank to take the charge and the paper sold a check called the draft and kept in his pocket with portable documents in the case of carrying amount paper or metal and to carry out the bank in turn Cost Transfer form sold to the customer to pay the full amount to the Fund "with the commission taken by the bank transfer for facilitating the mission and the basis of" the agenda of the banking operations of the then Director of a section Telephone conversation with the section that will be sent to the transfer number, which will send notification of the creditor which sold to the corresponding section is referred to the official remittances to the sold recorded in the register of the transfer sold debtor, and when to send the notification on the same day also recorded" in the credits so it will sold the same day, upon the arrival of the creditor's notification to the other branch is in turn constrained by the records and end of this arrest draft.

Drawn drafts on the branch:-

It is what we sold in order to change the section governing the transfer of the other branch of Change Order drawn on us and vice versa.
In the above draft sent to the other branch is in turn carry out the process of ending the telephone conversation held with a credit entry "to the current account debtor" on account of remittances drawn on us When notification is received by the creditor and the addressee section of the transfer Bought the notification section considered as profit of money drawn on us and thus the process of transfer drawn on us and recorded in the records and when reviewing a customer will see that the bank has to charge transfer in the current account is open in that province.